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A Simple Song

Did I call you out of fear
Search every tone of your voice
Do I think too much
Do you think I'm lazy
I don't wanna move no porta-john
I don't own any orange
Someone's gotta lay the concrete down
and someone's gotta watch them walk
I know someone
He's lost in the pages of Rolling Stone
He thinks movies are real
Always trying to live his life to the height of the big screen
Wonders why he feels so small, so small
Never want to know the faces around you
Just the ones you can read about
The sun beats down on this mountain
I don't wanna go outside at all
She lives her life simple simply, and it's beautiful
She tries to live her life simple simply, and it's beautiful
The Indian beat out his song
He said
let me and my woman live long and happy
That's a simple song