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Awake or Asleep

Pay close attention to your dreams
Awake or asleep
They're the marrow of your bones
Whether or not you know it
They make up your being
In between the chatter
Right before you're laying down to sleep
Where is it you're going
Is it some place that you'd rather be
Inside you float away
Was it back to yesterday
Was it what you would have done, you should have done
If you replay the game
It's a silly way
Out there somewhere, the story goes on
You putting together pieces
Trying to rebuild the dream
Sometimes it gets so crazy
The pieces don't wanna stay in place
The images are mad

Have you lost your way
Have you lost your way
Watch where you put your weight
Are you sure that you wanna put it there
Are you sure it will be strong enough
Can you trust
Hold you up
Will it care enough
To keep you from falling down
to the ground
Shattering pieces going everywhere