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Touch me
Touch me if you wanna create me
It's easy if you'll only inflate me
Fill me full of air, and I will be

You can be mine
Now we're doing fine
We're entwined
Are we making up a story
or following lines
It's a fine, a fine line

I carry my baggage with me to protect me
I leave it on display so I can say
I never hid it from you
I told you
Showed you
I wanted you to see me
exactly as I see things
because you, you remake me
with every touch of your body
You touch me with your hands
your eyes, your mind
You're mine
You touch me, you touch me
You touch me
I feel it in my body still
I wonder when I come down will I
Will I twist this thing
Scratch my back will you, it itches
Draw a letter on it, I'll guess it
Two souls come together neglected
Neglected touch
Neglected me
Neglected touch
You touch me, you touch me